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Politics - Humanist Stand

Politics - Humanist stand


The Humanist conception of the state is one of decentralization, contrary to the ideologies that place it above the human being (its only meaning for existing).

Humanism warns of the danger of sustaining immobilistic models of the state - such as the liberal or the totalitarian - which correspond to capitalistic imperialism and social imperialism, respectively. Therefore, and corresponding to a dynamic conception of History, the HP deems it necessary to redefine the model of state, with the direct consultation and participation of all the people. For a transitional model of state, the HP proposes:

  • We will take immediate steps to ensure equal participation of all sectors of society in the functioning of Real Democracy at all levels.

  • Popular debate for reforming the constitution through referendum, plebiscites and popular veto, towards a direct democracy.

  • Reduction of government interference in and monopoly of the mass media.

  • All Public-interest information will be provided free of cost to people through the websites. RTI process will be made completely transparent, quick and accountable. No information can be kept away from citizens. All public officers (of all/any levels) must declare their assets/income and legal status every year in a pre-defined format enacted by the Parliament.

  • Participation of people in actual daily working of the Government will be built and ensured without delay.

  • All long pending griviences of people, Government employees and other sections of society will be met through war-footing resolutions by way of actual participation of all involved, without any discrimination and within the parameters of the Humanist policies.

  • We will strengthen the office of Comptroller and Auditor General and Conduct periodic social audit of the all government departments as a public exercise.

  • We will promote transparency and accountability in governance by effectively implementing of RTI both in the private and public sector.

  • We will initiate and strengthen Lokpal, Lokayukta and form independent vigilant bodies at every governing structure to stop corruption and ensure transparency; Penalizing the bureaucrats, government officials including the members of judiciary and legislature, when found guilty of corrupt practices.

  • We will speed up the judicial reforms to reach justice to the poor. We will appoint the vacant posts of Judges and clean up the corrupt system.

  • Those communities and groups which are seeking political space in and through identity assertion movements, will not be perceived as a threat to national integrity and countered with arms, rather the state will dialogue acknowledging the needs and aspirations of the communities, bringing them into the mainstream of life.

  • The state will be in charge of:

    • Developing the basic industries,

    • Administering the coordinating enterprises and organisms necessary to liberate the country in economic terms,

    • Progressively decentralizing the national economy

  • No Big dams. Small environment-friendly hydro-electric dams will be extensively built.

  • Land for land, of atleast of the same quality, will be the basis for rehabilitation. Referendum & public hearings will be conducted before acquiring land from people, always ensuring the minimal quality of life for all involved.

  • Ensure profit to all Farmers on their produce and provide Comprehensive Crop-insurance. We will promote agri-produce cooperatives for the better marketing of the agricultural produce.

  • There will be no development at the cost of any section of society including the so-far deprived dalits and adivasis. We will stop development induced displacement and make necessary laws to ensure this.

  • Ensure the participation and partnership of indigenous communities in the developmental process and make them owners of the land, water, forest and mineral resources; Recognize and acknowledge Indigenous Peoples’ contribution to nation building.

  • Create a Central University to develop and preserve dalit and adivasi culture, languages and identity.



The function of the state will be that of:

  • Guaranteeing the freedom of organization and expression of all the political sectors without any discrimination whatsoever.

  • Providing the political parties with sufficient resources for their development and for keeping the population informed.

  • Encouraging the popular clarification through the political parties.

  • To modify the law of Political Parties (or whatever it is now) in order to overcome the organizational monopoly of a few parties, to make the financially accountable, to make their membership verifiable, etc.

  • Enact laws to ensure the Upper age-limit for all Elected Political posts (President, P.M., Minister, C.M., Mayor, Governor, etc.) to be maximum 70 years.

  • Enact laws such that no one can occupy an elected political post (President, P.M., Minister, C.M., Mayor, Governor, etc.) more than twice.

  • Enact laws to ensure that a Referendum is taken, before deciding any major policy.

  • Enact the “Law of Political Accountability” to ensure that every elected member will have to be compulsorily re-confirmed by the voters every 6 months. People will have the Right to recall their elected representatives at all levels under this law.

  • Under the Law of Political Accountability, the Source of Funding of Campaigns, Candidates, and Parties will compulsorily be made public, alongwith Annual public declaration of Assets and legal/Criminal records of the Parties and their Candidates. “Clean politics equals corruption-free politics” in all respects. Healthy and Real Democracy has no place for hate politics. This will ensure Transparency in Politics.



The state will be detached from religious matters providing freedom for all religious expressions and for atheism.

  • Ensure implementation of suitable law and provide environment to immediately (within a year at the most) end all forms of communal and caste violence and to curb states/institutions overtly and covertly engaging in communal and caste violence. Take effective measures to deal with individuals as well as organizations involved in communal and caste violence.

  • Ensure Equal rights to all sections of society, ending all kinds of discrimination existing today. This will be implemented immediately with top-priority.

  • Ensure that all the victims, of all previous violence, are rehabilitated as dignified human beings without any delay.

  • Ensure that Religion is kept strictly as a personal affair.

  • Any attempt to offend religious sentiments, respect for the other or to distort the history and cultural diversity of India in the minds of young in educational system will be appropriately dealt with.

  • Ensure equal respect for all cultures and religions without making them the point of differences and discrimination.

  • Initiate unbiased and meaningful discussions with all arms-using groups and separatists tendencies, to ensure that all citizens of India get dignified life immediately, thus bringing them to the mainstream of life and socio-political activity.



  • Ministry of Peace and Non-violence will be established by the Humanist Government to create the new consciousness of Peace & Non-violence.

  • Agreements for a progressive and proportional reduction of armament supervised by other countries of the region.

  • Non-alignment in defense matters (or any other).

  • No to production and/or use of nuclear weapons.

  • Progressive and proportional disarmament in the world.

  • UN ban on military use of outer space and treaty against space weapons signed by the superpowers and other nations.

  • Denunciation of the likely extinction of humanity by a nuclear war as an immoral threat imposed by the superpowers on the rest of the planet's population.

  • Sincere and exhaustive use of all diplomatic means for promoting all sorts of possible cooperation among Asian countries as a means of building up mutual trust and as a pre-requisite for peace and disarmament.

  • Government to renounce the use of violence for resolving any conflict.

  • We will promote friendly relationship with neighbouring countries, bringing down defence budget and promoting national security by mutual dialogue.

  • We will protect common persons from arbitrary arrest and illegal detention and being subjected to torture and inhuman treatment. We will abolish capital punishment, and remove the legal impunity that police and other agencies now enjoy.

  • We will repeal 'The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act’ and all draconian laws like POTA, NSA, COFEPOSA, COCA etc. and dismantle 'Salwa Judum' immediately.

  • We will stop using Anti terror law against the poor and minorities and human rights movements.

  • We will ensure right to free expression, association, assembly and democratic dissent.

  • We will promote peace and harmony across the multi-ethnic, multi religious, multi-cultural communities based on justice.

  • We will bring the National Security expenditures and defence budget to a level lower than that of education and health care budget.

  • No Nuclear arms. We will Cancel the 123 agreement. Comprehensive Peace and No-war agreements with all neighbouring countries will be initiated and proportionate disarmament of conventional as well as nuclear arms with a time-frame will be targeted.

  • We will ensure the participation and partnership of indigenous communities in the developmental process and make them owners of the land, water, forest and mineral resources; Recognize and acknowledge Indigenous Peoples’ contribution to nation building.

  • Manual scavenging will be immediately abolished and alternative employment will be provided.

  • We will provide homestead land to dalits and adivasis and ensure minimum of 3 acres of cultivable land to all.

  • We will restore all the alienated lands of the tribals and other sections.



Humanism is based on a conception of the human being and society whose highest value is life. Thus, coercion, punishment and death applied by some on to others are repugnant to Humanism. Especially, if the intention of the punishment is to give an exemplary penalty to an individual or social behavior.

  • We will guarantee life with dignity, freedom from fear of violence, and peaceful coexistence.
  • There will be no death penalty in the Humanist Government.
  • Law of Political Accountability and Law of Political Parties.
  • Quick trials.
  • Free legal assistance and comprehensive improvement of the judicial system.



The HP will carry out an international policy of solidarity and non-violence, based on these principles.

  • Respect for the free determination of peoples and for non-intervention.

  • Pacific relationship will all countries.

  • International activism in solidarity with those countries struggling for their liberation.

  • Progressive and proportional disarmament of the world and the region.

  • No” to the use of nuclear energy since its dangers have been adequately proven to be far more than any benefits that may have been there.


In Asia:

  • Signing of permanent peace treaties.

  • Accelerated and proportional demilitarization of the region.

  • Elimination of Asian customs barriers.

  • Asian Common Market.

  • Asian Parliament with representation of political parties.

  • Permanent commission of Human Rights with a character or Asian Tribunal.

  • To link the signing of the Non proliferation treaty (NPT) to the signing of treaties for denuclearization of Asia (Indian Ocean), progressive and proportional reduction of armament, etc.


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