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Education - Humanist Stand

In order to produce the necessary re-structuring of education, a law will be promoted that will make compatible the national and state regulations with the demands of the present times. This law will arise from a great national debate, with the participation of teachers, students, graduates and parents, taking into account the following general principles:

  • Free & Compulsory Secular Education of equitable quality to all from nursery stage to Class XII, as Fundamental right of all Citizens. Common school system as per 1966 Kothari Commission recommendations will be implemented, providing additional funds for the same. The Humanist Government should not shirk its constitutional responsibility to provide education for all. We will establish and support a mechanism to assess quality of education.

  • Co-government of students, teachers and administrative staff, including parents at the elementary level.

  • Modification of teaching methods, banning authoritarianism, compulsion and separation of sexes.

  • Guarantees for freedom of conscience and non-discrimination for students. And, in order to guarantee indispensable conditions for education:

  • Stability, just retribution and objective selection of teachers and administrative staff.

  • Construction of new educational buildings.

  • Improvement of the teachers to students ratio.

  • Free distribution of texts and materials, canteens and hostels for students.

  • Free transportation.



  • Decentralization of universities, establishing colleges and polytechnics in the areas relevant to the subjects taught.

  • Four-party co-government (students, teachers, administrative staff and state).

  • University canteens.

  • University cooperatives for consumption, credit, production, housing and research.

  • Increase of scholarships and subsidies.

  • Creation of fully cooperative colleges supported by the government, where no capitation fees will be levied.

  • Accountability of capitation fees in private colleges.

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