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Economy - Humanist stand

Economy - Humanist stand


In a program of transition from the present economic system (mainly capitalistic) towards a future cooperative system, it is necessary to develop a self-sufficient national economy and based on modern science and technology. Cooperativism, such as proposed by the HP, is a whole program of economic and political renewal which will begin with the modification of the present law of cooperatives.

These modifications and the experience of cooperative development will be the reference in order to raise cooperativism to the level of a political and economic system, which will be the system of Humanism.

  • To modify the present law of cooperatives in order to restore their genuine cooperative characteristics, prevent distortions, etc.

  • Promotion of genuine cooperative banking.

  • To achieve industrial development independent of multinational corporations.

  • To overcome poverty and unemployment by promoting cooperatives in all economic fields.

  • Government support for turning into cooperatives the bankrupt (sick) enterprises or those which compromise the present or future of their workers/employees.

  • Promotion of a national industry useful to the domestic and Asian markets.

  • Equal opportunity, Interest-free loans to small enterprise, encouraging Self-employment and Cooperative small-enterprise to overcome Unemployment problem.

  • No to speculative activities of earning money from money.

  • Generation of regional centers of development through settlement of industries in the areas where raw material is produced.

  • Promotion and development of renewable and alternative energy resources.

  • Commercialization of the agricultural production through genuine cooperatives that eliminate intermediaries.

  • Development of infrastructure for a regional storage of resources.

  • We will provide excellent standard Public transport system for the whole country at affordable rates so that people can travel comfortably without personal vehicles.

  • We will provide Transportation and Communication facilities to 100% population with comfort and on affordable rates on no-profit basis.

  • It will be the top priority of Humanist Government to prioritize the basic amenities/living standards of life, for 80% population that is below poverty line.

  • Extensive research and usage of Solar, Wind and Fusion technologies for sourcing energy needs will be undertaken.



  • Rights to tribals living in forest areas.

  • Promotion of species of industrial utility.

  • Recuperation of soil, substitution of felled trees and expansion of forests.

  • Cooperatives for exploiting wood.

  • We will ensure Adivasi access to forest and Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP) and dalit, traditional communities’ access to common property resources.



  • Creation of fishing harbours and ports along the whole coastline with a parallel development of cold storage industries.

  • Creation of cooperative shipyards.

  • Traditional fishing rights as mentioned in Coastal Regulation Zone will not be amended and diluted. Coastal Management Zone will be scraped by the Humanist Government.



  • Rights to tribals living in mining areas.

  • Creation of mining and oil drilling cooperatives coordinated and advised by the state in technical matters.

  • Promotion of mining towards the substitution of imported minerals and increase of exports.




  • Development without taking loans from the IMF or the World Bank.

  • To leave the discriminatory WTO and work for an equitable non-discriminatory global trade and currency system.


  • Common Asian Market


  1. Creation of an organization integrated by representatives from governments, political parties and trade unions of the different Asian countries in order to research on, plan and coordinate the regional economy.

  2. Cooperation for technological development.

  3. Elimination of customs barriers among Asian countries for products that affirm the zonal independence.

  4. Exploration of common natural resources in solidarity.



  • Creation of a government organism that guarantees the free trade with all countries in collaboration with national cooperatives and enterprises.

  • Incentive to exports according to priorities of the national economic policy.

  • Orientation towards substituting imports of basic industries and those related to health with national production.

  • Elimination of all unessential imports.

  • Guarantee of seriousness in the commercial export dealings.



  • Application of foreign capital in specific areas of national interest under strict safeguards and security for the country, only where there is absolutely no harm to the interest of any section/s within the country.

  • Nationalization of the foreign banking and commerce.

  • Special treatment for Asian banks and financial/institutions that are integrated to the regional economy.

  • No sell-off of National banks and other PSUs.

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